STEWART GRANGER and his .577’s



Westley Richards .577 Double Rifle

¬†Stewart Granger had 2 Westley Richards 577’s. The rifle shown above was made originally in 1923 for Count Alfred Potocki whose uncle Joseph, was author of the very rare and desirable book ‘Sport in Somaliland’. The rifle in the picture with Granger is a 577 ‘White Hunter’ model which he bought from us on his completion of filming King Solomon’s Mines. The gold inlaid animal heads which were inlaid at Granger’s request represent the game he shot during his trips to Africa, the c represented ‘charged’!

2 thoughts on “STEWART GRANGER and his .577’s

  1. Sir,

    You left a comment below under the picture referring to Alfred Potocki, as the original gun owner. That is very possible, as we went on a safari in the Sudan in 1924. He is not however the author of Sport in Somaliland. His uncle is, Jozef Potocki, deceased in 1922.

    I would be curious to know who is the present owner of this gun.

    Best regards

    Jan-Roman Potocki

    • Thank you for the correction which I have altered in the post now. The rifle was one of a few guns and rifles ordered by Count Alfred Potocki and is currently in a collection which is based in Dallas, Texas. I would be pleased to try and put you in touch, privately, with the current owner if you so wished.

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