The 4 Bore ‘Model de Luxe’ Bicentennial Complete

WR 4bore droplock shotgun

Finally this week we completed the 4 bore ‘Model de Luxe’ that completes the set of seven already delivered to celebrate our bicentenary back in 2012.  We suppose in  gunmaking terms 5 years after the event for such a one off beast cannot be too bad!  In truth it was ordered after the original set were delivered, as up until then we had not designed let alone built a 4 bore double shotgun in hand detachable lock format.

WR 4bore droplock shotgun2

The final result with full case colour hardening by the St.Ledger brothers is a seriously nice job and we have to give credit to all those involved in the building of this magnificent gun.  The 4 bore really is in a league of its own and for those of you who have never handled one they truly are a gargantuan gun!

The ‘Swan’ carved game scenes really do complement this gun very well, especially when combined with the carved fences, traditional scroll and gold borders.  All of us here at Westley Richards would like to thank the very patient owner whose commission made this gun and the earlier set of seven guns a reality.  They are a unique and very special set of guns in the history of Westley Richards.

WR 4bore droplock shotgun5WR 4bore droplock shotgun6WR 4bore #20118-1616-Edit-Edit     The 4 bore next to a dimunutive 28 bore!

7 thoughts on “The 4 Bore ‘Model de Luxe’ Bicentennial Complete

  1. I’ve been waiting to see this one! What a tremendous example! It truly dwarfs the 28, ha! Did you go out and shoot it, Trigger?

    • Hi Larry

      It has turned out stunning and I have to say the 4 bores really do look super impressive. I have not actually shot the gun myself, but a couple of the gunmakers here had a go and said the recoil was ‘certainly noticeable!’

      Best regards


  2. That is a magnificent piece of artillery Trigger, the case hardening and gold work is the best I have seen for sure. What does it weigh please?

  3. This will really get your attention when you shoot it, a wonderful example of the very best, and finely complimented by Rob St Ledgers colour case hardening,the best in the true sense of the word.

  4. Trigger

    My word that’s a big one!
    Cracking piece of timber and from what I can see checkered in a similar style to the
    Truly majestic piece of workmanship but I seem to think there’s something missing from the finished article, can’t quite make my mind up whether it’s a swivel mount for a Punt or merely a gun bearer, I’ll get back to you when I make my mind up. Goodness knows what the cartridge bag will look like.
    Well worth the wait!! Thanks Trigger.


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