The Classic W. J. Jeffery & Co. Safari Rifles.

W J Jeffery letterhead

Classic W J Jeffery safari riflesFrom left, the .333, .404 & .500 Jeffery sporting rifles.

I am quite sure that many a sporting rifle collector can put 2 of the 3 classic W. J. Jeffery safari rifles on a table but not many out there can make up the whole set to include the mighty .500J! Jeffery only made a handful of these rifles pre war, I believe in the region of 23!

This complete set above are all built on Magnum Mauser actions and are the No. 1 Model as detailed below.

These rifles, along with some other new items will be going on our used gun website within the next few days.

.333 Jeffery from Catalogue

404 Jeffery from Catalogue.

500 Jeffery from Catalogue

10 thoughts on “The Classic W. J. Jeffery & Co. Safari Rifles.

  1. I am assuming (l-r) a .333J with the G&H sidemount and the Lyman receiver sight, a ,404J with qtr. rib, and .500 J. These rifles as intended for use with sights and without scopes and stocked without cheek rest are quite elegant and ‘racy’. A fabulous, classy, and useful set of rifles. Wonderful example of classic Safari rifles.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Classic rifles, built for a purpose and all the better for it. Thanks for posting the photo and brochure pages Simon, this blog is a mine of unique information for the sporting rifle enthusiast.

    • The take down is a threaded system with a screw in locking peg. I am not an expert on Griffin mounts but to my eye it is steel and on the scope part there is a small adjustment knob.

  3. Hi. I own a .333 Jeffrey’s. But unfortunately the bolt is not with the gun. Anyone with ideas of where of how I could get on as I would love for it to be in one piece.

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