7 thoughts on “The Engraved Parts of a 20g Westley Richards Droplock. Engraved by Sebastian Lehy.

  1. Absolutely magnificent, I can hardly wait to see the finished gun. These scroll back drop locks are definitely the most elegant SxS ever made.


    • Thanks, I am not sure, trying to find out if client wanted it or if it is a engravers mark! A bit strange for a mark so I assume it was requested!

  2. Morning Simon,

    Very nicely done Sebastian!! Simon this is the first time I have seen the action of a gun in this vice like apparatus. When time permits would you please shine a little light on it. Interesting that it appears to have some engraving almost like a reference? thank you in advance for the effort Sir. One more question is this action going to be Case Colored now are is it complete?

    In Christ

    • Hi Vance,

      This was the engraving vice that Rash used whilst here at WR. The little engravings and inlays are as Neill mentioned in a comment above, doodles or tests. These vices are a big heavy rotating object. Peter Spode is doing a little blog post for me on ‘how they are used’, as soon as he has it I will post it! The action will be case coloured like all our guns are, I am not sure if the client will leave it on or take it off!


  3. Lovely work indeed, very much to my taste. I also love the engraving on the vice, is this the engravers equivalent of the “doodling” I do (much less artistically) in my notebook?

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