The Field and Fieldsports Magazines – June 2016 – 2 Front Covers for Westley Richards.


We are very honoured and grateful to have two covers showing our guns this month in the two premier English shooting and country magazines. My sincere thanks to Jonathan Young who has been the editor at the Field for 25 years now, I think another 6 years is needed to become the longest serving editor in the magazines 163 year history. My thanks also to editor Marcus Janssen of Fieldsports who has in his short tenure of the magazine transformed it to be, in my opinion, the most exciting, well produced and illustrated publication in the shooting industry today.

The Field cover features a Pair of 16g Hand Detachable Lock shotguns engraved by Frederique Lepinois with fine ornamentation and Arabic horses. Frederique is the sister of our superb stocker Romaine Lepinois, a family of great gunmaking talent.

Fieldsports June 2016

The Fieldsports cover feature a pair of 20g Round Action, assisted opening, single trigger, sidelock ejector guns which have been beautifully relief scroll engraved by Paul Chung.

3 thoughts on “The Field and Fieldsports Magazines – June 2016 – 2 Front Covers for Westley Richards.

  1. Simon

    Congratulations! That’s quite a coup. Shooting publications on both sides of the pond seem to prefer dog pictures over shotgun images.

    Terrific work from Frédérique and Paul.

    Douggie Tate

  2. Simon,

    Nice looking photographs on the cover of the guns. Are those your photos by any chance?

    Congrats on being on both magazines.


  3. The most classy guns on the covers of the most classy magazines, exactly where they belong. Looking forward to the June/July edition of Fieldsports dropping onto the doormat.

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