The Final Westley Richards .410 & 28g Pair Completed!

WR .410 & 28g #20341-2-4814-Edit

Well, finally we made it! Here at last are the final composed pair of guns in .410 and 28g. They say “all good things come to those who wait” and this last pair really are quite exquisite with there most unusual engraving and fabulous motor case to complement the whole package.

At least now the owners of all three pairs can sit together and compare their respective tastes!

WR .410 & 28g #20341-2-4878-EditShotguns depicting Buffalo and Elephant game scenes have made for an interesting variation

WR .410 & 28g #20341-2-4896-Edit

WR .410 & 28g #20341-2-4904-Edit

The wood has once again turned out stunning and it must be said that all three pairs of guns really are a credit to all those involved in making them. A fabulous project that has been a pleasure to undertake and complete. May all the new owners enjoy many years of fun and sport.

WR .410 & 28g #20341-2-4849-Edit

4 thoughts on “The Final Westley Richards .410 & 28g Pair Completed!

  1. Dear Trigger

    You are more than correct when you say that the credit for all three pairs should go to all those people involved, fabulous workmanship!!

    I have been waiting to see this particular pair completed, on first seeing them just after engraving with the subject matter chosen by your client I thought how individual, unusual, creative, certainly brought a grin to my face, great choice!
    The completed pair are ‘more’ than I expected, simply “exquisite”, every detail beautiful!
    I’m sure the client will be absolutely delighted.

    Please tell me what’s the motor case covered with?

    Kind regards. Peter.

  2. Good Day Trigger,

    Great looking pair of gun Trigger!!! Not the engraving I would pick, but I sure have respect for the gentlemen that picked such a pattern. I love guns that are out of the box…Cheers to the new owner!!!

    In Christ

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