The First Pair of Westley Richards 4 Bore, Hand Detachable Lock Guns Near Completion.

Pair of Westley Richards Droplock 4 bore shotguns

To anyone who might think that building a 4g is simply making a bigger version of what we have made for many years, may I kindly suggest you are wrong! This is something I have learned along the way.  Yes, I knew it would be hard but not quite as hard as it has seemingly been and of course making a matching pair compounds the problem!

In general I would put the difficulty down to size, these are big, very big guns and that alone makes the whole process very tiring for the gunmakers. The working principle and parts may well be familiar the same as a 12g but handling the gun in the vice and doing normal jobs becomes a problem just dealing with the size and weights of the parts.

But with all that said, we are now on the last leg, the barrels are heading to the Barrel Blackers and I hope they have a long enough tank! A few more coats of oil on the stocks and we are done and ready to present the pair to what I hope, will be a very happy customer. He will I am sure be unique in the fact that he will be the only man to have a pair of 4g Westley Richards, Single Selective Trigger 4 bores in his gun cabinet! If anyone else sat in my office and wanted to order a pair I think I would most definitely be looking at the ceiling and playing my hearing loss to the extreme!

I have to admit that I was pretty scared taking these into the photo studio this morning for a quick shot before blacking, I took very careful steps and had all doors secured in the open position so as not to ding a barrel or knock a stock. I have not shown the guns with the full barrels as they are silver and when they are complete we will photograph them in a way that will show the scale.

I am not sure when the Goose season starts, but they need to be worried!

6 thoughts on “The First Pair of Westley Richards 4 Bore, Hand Detachable Lock Guns Near Completion.

  1. A pair of awesome guns indeed, let the geese beware! That said though, would I take them to a saltmarsh? Probably not in all honesty.

    I hope the Gamefair is a success, we’re not going this year, it’s a bit too far for a day out, but I really must make a point of coming to your showroom to say hello, and spend a few pounds as well no doubt!

  2. Great Guns Simon,

    A true testament to Westley to Build a gun that looks like it would have been of scale and size to be at home on the Hood. The fences and the engraving on the barrel rears is wonderful.
    I cannot think of another Best Gun company that would take on such a challenge!!!! Speaking of looking at the stars, you could bet those boys aren’t taking orders for such a gun….not even speaking of it being a pair!!!!!!

    Perhaps, like most tough things in one’s life after the passage of enough time, you never know??? It is even hard to contemplate the scale of a 4g. it really has to be a hand full. My best wishes and good luck to the owner of these beautiful shotguns!!!!

    In Christ

  3. Simon,
    Can you or have you given any information about weight,length etc?They look magnificent.Vance is right,I don’t think any other “top maker” could make them and build them so well.
    My mind boggles at the enormity of building these guns.
    Hats of to all involved, a job truly well done!

    • When they are back from blacking and ‘All Done’ I will photograph them for posterity and provide all the details. Thanks for your comments!

  4. Congratulations!
    These two great caliber weapon 4 to the professional world sensation. Excellent knowledge and creativity gunsmith tangible results.
    K. D.

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