The First Pair of Westley Richards 4 bore Hand Detachable Lock, SST guns near completion.

Westley Richards, 4 bore, Shotguns, Droplock

In hindsight, I should have put something in the photograph to scale these guns, alas, it is too late they are back on the bench! Please believe me when I tell you that these are the largest hand detachable lock guns we have ever made and by quite some margin. When they are ready I will photograph them with a .410 to show the scale.

This pair of guns have been on a long journey, from the drawing board to this point, case hardened and ready for final finishing, has been nearly 3 years. I am not sure if the new owner will be taking them on an intense, double gun goose hunt, but if he does, I want to be there with a video camera!

7 thoughts on “The First Pair of Westley Richards 4 bore Hand Detachable Lock, SST guns near completion.

  1. Awesome Simon, truly awesome. Can I see them on the salt marsh on a stormy winters night, with the moon occasionally shining through a break in the clouds………..? Probably not, but what the hell, they will be magnificent I am sure.

  2. Afternoon Simon,

    I don’t know if there is anything different done to these shotgun? but I think that the case-color is the best I have seen, on a Westley gun. I am a big fan of Case-coloring and…Westley does the best in my humble opinion!!! these are beautiful,

    In Christ

    • Vance,

      We are the only maker who case colour harden every gun we make, even if the colour is to be brushed off for a ‘coin’ finish. When we do polish off we leave the colour on the action flats, forend iron underside and trigger plate. It produces a much nicer tone of silver when brushed off than if other cheaper methods of hardening are used.
      In the case of these 4g I am trying my best to convince the customer to leave the colour on as he wanted it brushed off! Whatever he decides I am leaving it on for the ‘photo shoot’, then it can come off if he so insists!

  3. Thank you for that Simon, it is certainly refreshing to know that you guys still do things as they were done in the ole days!!! Well, if you cannot convince the owner to leave on such a beautiful case colour, at least we are able to see it before such beauty is removed. Thanks Sir!!!!

    In Christ

  4. Magnificent! What are the velocities for 4 oz loads? I have heard someone got a 4 bore 4 oz load to 2500 fps with about 350-400 grains of smokeless powder, have you tried thus?

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