The First Pair of Westley Richards 4 Bore Wildfowl Guns.

Westley Richards Pair of 4g

Congratulations to all the team on completion of this, our first ever pair of 4 bore hand detachable lock shotguns. It has been quite a long road to get them designed, made and completed and I only hope that the client is as pleased with the guns as we are!

The shotgun in the middle of the pair of guns for scale is a .410 droplock so the smallest we have ever made alongside the biggest!

Westley Richards 4g Droplock
Westley Richards Pair of 4 bore shotguns.

Westley Richards 4g Pair with .410

Westley Richards 4g Pair

14 thoughts on “The First Pair of Westley Richards 4 Bore Wildfowl Guns.

  1. Truly magnificent, monumental pieces, I am sure the lucky owner will treasure them. But will he or she take them to the foreshore after they only quarry worthy of such guns – wild geese?

  2. Mr. Clode

    I usually have problems with stopping in the swing on the skeet range maybe one of these guns would cure it? Congratulations to you and your team for making not only the prettiest guns but also the biggest.

    Best regards


  3. They are beautiful. Need some more snaps of the engraving, and of the cartridges compared to 12 gauge. We can only imagine how it feels like to shoot them.

  4. I can only speculate that it takes a high degree of confidence in the entire team to take on a project like this! I am guessing that much was learned along the way, they are just spectacular. All involved should be proud of this effort. Congratulation to all, an amazing feat of gunmaking.

      • At 20 lbs each plus case that is going to take some carrying !!

        As we have come to expect and as usual for W-R simply stunning – “Nulli Secundus.!” I hope you are able to post some pictures replete with the fine case and MM’s case tools.

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