The Little Westley Richards .410 Cased, Barrel Blacked and on the way to USA.

WR .410-4730

I waved fondly ‘goodbye’ to this new .410 hand detachable shotgun this afternoon, I know there is a very anxious owner awaiting its arrival in Texas. One of our other clients and a mutual friend suggested I send his 4g shotgun instead of the .410 and then just act dumb when it arrived, “wasn’t it a 4g you ordered?” I would have done it had the 4g been ready to send!

I can say it is rather taxing making a gun for someone who has been in the business of collecting guns since I was a little boy, a man who started dealing with my father many years ago and knows the English guns better than anyone I know. We have enjoyed this project and hope that the gun lives up to expectations. I know in a week or so once unpacked it will immediately be on the skeet range being tested out!

WR .410-4741

WR .410-4713

WR .410-4249

WR .410-4256

This .410 Hand Detachable Lock gun has 28″ barrels 3″ chambers and fitted with Teague multi chokes. The Gun has a long slim beavertail forend and straight hand grip. Length of pull is  14 3/4″ and the weight is 5lbs. 2 Oz.

12 thoughts on “The Little Westley Richards .410 Cased, Barrel Blacked and on the way to USA.

  1. Afternoon Simon,

    Cheers to the Gentleman in Texas what a great gun he is about to receive. Sir you showed wonderful taste when you chose that engraving for the danty 4/10.

    I am also intrigued by the box of WR shotgun shells Simon. Is that an item that WR sells? Are is it just one of the hundreds of great props that you happen to have on hand? If available I would like to see about getting a case. I will check with LD at your US location Simon, I am sure that he can direct me as to availability. Another great Gun, thanks for the pictures.

    In Christ

    • This was a box we used about 15 years ago when we started to import the 2.5″ shells to USA as they were no readily available then. I have some boxes but they are not full! Props only! I will get you some sorted out.


  2. Thank you for that Simon, but please don’t go to any extra trouble at the moment. They will not be needed until I have a proper Shell case for them, in 28g. Now all I have to do is convince Westley Richards to build me a Shell case!!! HAHA!!
    Thank you very much for the timely responce Sir.

    In Christ

  3. Beautiful gun Simon, very classy and it looks really nice in that case too, which is not over the top but looks like it was made to be used. Fantastic, I bet the owner will be very happy.

    Matt Schmidt.

  4. This is one of those examples of total balance in the decoration that we see so often here. The trees in the bottom scene are winter bare, the cedars are of course green, you can see the smoke of the shot at the gun muzzle, the bird is “shot”, and the dog is holding to wing and shot! What a beautiful little bird gun with the male/female pair on the trigger guard. What great thought went into this and what beautiful execution of the engraving and color. My goodness I hope this gets used in the field. What fun days those will be!!

  5. Its a little beauty!
    Any details on barrel length,weight etc. I have to admire this guys taste,pure class!
    P.S.Sending the 4 bore would have been a fantastic ruse.

  6. Dear Simon.

    One thing that I have learned this late in life is, making a small gun must surely be as difficult as making a really big gun if not more so.
    After visiting your premises the last time and looking at all the beautiful big bore doubles and bolts, Trigger handed me a lovely 28 gauge and I think that was one of those moments when you came to realise there is some things in life that you didn’t have a clue about. Light and well balanced and I say well balanced because everyone can make something light but making it with balance is what I thinks makes the difference between a manufacturer and a gun maker .
    So I must say that after that moment of enlightening ,I must confess to have being even more impressed with all your guns and rifles big or small, and being even more proud to be ,the caretaker of a couple of Westley rifles that I know is going to bring joy to the next owners a long time after I’m gone.
    Best regards.

  7. Simon and Trigger,
    Another out of the park home run! (not sure what the equivalent is in cricket and I don’t understand that game at all!).
    Such a lovely gun. The buttstock figure is exquisite. One of the prettiest I’ve seen. Congrats from another Texan.

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