The Monkey Tail Rifle – The Certified Military Production Samples at Leeds Royal Armoury

Certified Monkey Tail Rifle by WR

Amongst the many Westley Richards guns and rifles housed at the Royal Armoury are these 2 Monkey Tail rifles. These two rifles are ‘sealed samples’ which were produced by Westley Richards, approved by the military for production and marked as such by the sealing wax seals seen on the stock. Once accepted by the military, production orders for the rifles would be exactly to the specifications of the samples supplied.

In the case of a dispute in the quality of the production or mechanics, these sealed samples would be used as the bench mark of the ‘quality control’ and any legal arguments that may result from poor quality production or performance.

The Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, is a national museum which displays the National Collection of Arms and Armour, a growing collection of some 75,000 items, one of the largest collections in the world. It is part of the Royal Armouries family of museums, the other sites being the Tower of London, its traditional home.

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