The Stock Grip Options for Shotguns.

The Various Stock Grips for Shotguns (1 of 1)

I was asked some weeks ago to do a post on the various stock configuration options that are offered when we make a gun. There are essentially 5 different named options, all of which can be adapted to suit an individual for; length of hand, position of comb, angle of hand, thickness of grip etc. Confusion for most people comes with the difference between the Prince of Wales and Woodward type grips, these are both very similar with the difference being the angle of the pistol grip cap, a parallel finish on the Woodward and angled on the Prince of Wales.

There are no particular rules as far as choosing what grip works best, I think it is a matter of what works best for each individual. For a side by side shotgun the straight hand and either POW or Woodward grips look best and people choosing a single trigger will often opt for POW.Semi or Woodward style as hand position remains static. The full pistol grip is normally only seem on Over Under guns but occasionally I have seen them on live pigeon side by sides.

Fitting Heel & Toe plates to a straight hand stockStocker Romaine Lepinois completing a straight grip stock by fitting Heel and Toe plates. 

Straight hand grip Straight Hand Grip.

Prince of Wales gripPrince of Wales Grip.

Woodward gripWoodward Grip.

Pistol Grips-33732-2Semi Pistol or Rounded Grip.

Full Pistol gripFull Pistol Grip 

8 thoughts on “The Stock Grip Options for Shotguns.

  1. Simon thanks very much for the clarification.The pictures illustrate perfectly the various “grips”.Thanks also to your loyal assistant who I believe assisted you with this post.
    If he could only find me a WR 16 shotgun with either a POW or Woodward grip I would be most happy!

    • He did absolutely nothing! I asked him to add some text about them and he changed two words. He obviously spent more time telling you about it than doing it!

    • They are guns we have here at the factory, typical of what we find for customers and buy/sell. The Woodward’s are a pair, we restocked them for the client but have the original stocks also. The Boss is a single left hand opening OU gun part of a collection we have.

  2. Good Day Simon,

    I find this blog interesting, I think that certain guns just lend themselves to a certain type of grip. For me a Boss O/U looks correct with a rounded grip. the Italians guns look correct with a full grip, and of course the Woodward looks correct with the Woodward style. The style I notice most on the S/S english is the straight grip. So thank you for giving all the styles a correct name for me. The Prince of Whales and the Woodward are very simular in style for the untrained eye. Give me the Woodward grip on all the english guns!!!

    In Christ

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