The Traditional Hook Eye Rifle Sling for Vintage Rifles.

WR Sling with Hook Eyes

A few weeks ago I did a post featuring an old sling for vintage rifles with only eyelets, the sling was on an original .505 Gibbs. That post led to a kind introduction in Australia, to a source of these sprung and toughened hook eyes.

After a few days carrying a heavy rifle around as part of the “Proof Test” to ensure all is secure, Joanna in our leather shop has made me the first off sample, again a faithful reproduction of the original sling I showed. I asked for this to be in natural coloured leather which, in the sun will go the colour of the background as it takes on a tan and grease.

This beautifully hand made rifle sling with even the brass buckle covered, on this occasion, in thin leather from the same hide, (which took hours!) will be a useful sling for those hunting with old rifles with sling eye lops only.

There will be some delay in offering these but if anyone would like to order one please let me know. We will make the sling in our normal colour range.

9 thoughts on “The Traditional Hook Eye Rifle Sling for Vintage Rifles.

  1. Great effort Joanna,

    Be careful carring around those ole rusty guns Simon, I would hate for you to get a scratch or cut from the rust. If that did happen make sure yo go and get yourself a tetanus shot to prevent infection!!!! HAHA

    I would like to have two of those slings Simon, those sling swivels are beautiful, what a great touch to add to my Westley Richards!!!

    I will get with your US agent on the order!!!! Thanks

    In Christ

  2. Simon

    I would also like to order 2 of these slings. I would appreciate if one of your team could contact me via email so I can arrange payment.

    Thank you.

  3. Simon,
    I would like 2 mid-tan with initials also when available. Those look great and will be a nice addition to the collection.

      • I’ll definitely take one. I have a WR bolt rifle that needs one!!

        Just let me know when they’re available. Thanks Simon! Cheers!

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