The Westley Richards Gunmakers 2015

Westley Richards Gunmakers. 2015

The inside rear cover of our book has a photograph of the current team of gunmakers at the factory. 125 years on and a little less formal shot than the one below which depicts all the gunmakers in traditional bowler hats, the photograph that features on the inside cover of the book.

Westley Richards Gunmakers late 1800's

The reprint of 1812- 2012 In Pursuit of the Best Gun is now well under way and these will be available for delivery in late September. More on this subject a little  later together with a special offer for our Explora readers.


4 thoughts on “The Westley Richards Gunmakers 2015

  1. Afternoon Guys,

    It is of interest to see where Westley Richards has kept up the tradition of picking the most handsome puppies out the litter!!!!! All in jest…Gentlemen!!!!

    I will say that you guys build what is perhaps ” arguably” the finest Best gun on the market today, something I know you guys take a great pride in. Pre-war craftsmanship, and then some. I believe those Westley gents from that bygone era would have been envious of your talents!!!! There Bowler hats off to you….

    In Christ

  2. Congratulations Gentlemen,

    Your team guys is at the top of the best of today gun-makers and build guns at the highest possible level.

    All the best to you all.


    • Thank you for all your archives, they are all fascinating, especially this one as I can meet the craftsmen who made my 1893 Westley! Still working perfectly having shot everything from snipe to a leopard.

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