Stock Blank Merchant at IWA

Today sees the end of IWA Outdoor Classic in Nuremburg for 2014.  The back breaking and often confusing task of sorting through thousands of stock blanks is over for another year!

To give some idea of the type of stands we visit to select the wood here are a small portion of the wood dealers and their goods seen at IWA.

Denli Stock Blanks IWADenli Stockblanks.

Stock Blanks IWA

Stock Blanks IWA

Van Agnac Stock BlanksVan Agnac

Purdey Crew Selecting Walnut IWA 2014The Purdey team selecting their blanks.

Katzenmier StocksThe Katzenmeier family have been attending IWA for each of the 40 years it has run. 

Family Van AgnacYusuf Inan and his Father from Van Agnac.

Fetin Genc of GencogluFetin Genc of Gencoglu Stockblanks

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