Trigger with the Westley Richards 4 Bore.

Anthony 'Trigger' Tregear with the 4 bore gun.

I thought it would be quite nice to show you the 4 bore gun ‘in hand’ as it were, since the previous shots have all been hard to see exactly how large a gun it is. So here is Anthony ‘Trigger’ Tregear with the said gun in hand. Quite a handful isn’t it!

13 thoughts on “Trigger with the Westley Richards 4 Bore.

  1. The fact that Trigger’s hand only reaches approximately half way around the gun at the forearm really gives a sense of the scale of this gun. Then I remembered that this is a droplock with single trigger! Really a great example of the relationship and intersection of the technology that W-R is using to scale guns and manufacture part sets with the traditional methods of hand fitting, filing, stocking, engraving and finishing. A remarkable testimony to all involved. I know the owner will be very happy!

  2. Now that is what I call a gun! No danger of checking your swing with that thing, just a hernia trying to stop!

    It really is magnificent, and good to see in hand as you can’t really appreciate the size any other way. Makes me wonder about the 4 bore (DB?) rifle used by F C Selous,I wonder what the recoil on that was?

  3. What a beast ! Absolutley great . Fabulous workmanship. What ammo does it use ? I had a 4 bore single for flighting on the Scottish shore in the 70’s.By then Eley had stopped their 4 Gauge with 3 oz load. I made my own-brass cases and used 4oz of BB propelled by 9drams of black powder. It kicked like a mule ! Have you pattern tested it , I assume it is full choke in both. How does it deal with restriction on use of lead ?

    Great achievement,


    • Plastic cases have taken over from brass I regret to advise but that said they work and do the job. The large bore enthusiast Alan Myers loads these to various recipes and provided ourselves with a supply to make and test the gun and the client to shoot with. With regards the lead they will of course have to use Bismuth or such if they go to places lead is not allowed. It will be slightly less expensive than a Punt gun charge of Bismuth!

    • 9 drams, 246 grains. I shoot cap-n-ball revolvers with 30 grains of black powder. That 9 drams is gonna make your eyes water.

      • I bet your ball doesn’t weigh 4oz and leave the muzzle at just over 1000ft/sec !! The old gun weighed in at 15 lb and yes it made the eyes and much else water !!

  4. Magnificent gun and lovely to still see big bores being made. Hope it gets to see a marsh or two! Graham Deakin on the Solway still makes up brass cases specific to the gun, along with re-loading tools and a fine job he does of them.

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