Vintage British Kynoch & Eley Ammunition for Rifles.

Rare British sporting rifle ammunition

Some months ago I did a post about some vintage ammunition I had. This has finally been sorted out and is now available for sale to American customers through our shop in Bozeman. I am afraid that shipping to UK or rest of the world is not practical.

Vintage ammunition has always made a nice accessory to a period rifle’s case as in many cases they are in attractive boxes with the individual makers name.  In many ways these small boxes complete a rifles story.

The ammunition is available subject to prior sale and I point out the first 8 items are ‘bricks’ of ammunition 50’s, 100’s and 250 in the case of the rook rifle. The remaining items are single boxes. If anyone is interested please either email The Explora at the contact given or call us in Bozeman on 406 586 1946.

6 thoughts on “Vintage British Kynoch & Eley Ammunition for Rifles.

    • Jason, I think most of them are yes, but I am sure there are a few that may be part. I have done this from uk and from notes. Call the shop and Kevin will help.


      • It is possible to export if you can get a licence. An expensive operation so gather as much together so avoid multiple export/import permits.
        If you contact Ricky at our sales email and he will explain it all.

  1. I wish to see cartridges made of kartun aside of it with small plastic window to see the inner part of it.

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