W. J. Jeffery 600NE Sidelock Snap Action Double Rifle.

W J Jeffery, Sidelock, 600, snap action, The Explora, Westley richards,

You think you have seen everything in the rifle world, then suddenly something totally  unusual pops up!

W. J. Jeffery made one sidelock .600 snap action rifle in their history, (to date), it is number 22368 and was an ejector model made with Joseph Brazier back action locks. The rifle has 24 inch barrels, 1 + 4 folding leaf sights to 500 yds. The rifle is stocked with original Selous grips which are the steel reinforcement plates you see on the pistol grip. The rifle is engraved with Indian game.

The rifle was made for C Larsen.

Jeffery Catalogue

Jeffery, sidelock, 600, the explora, westley richards

7 thoughts on “W. J. Jeffery 600NE Sidelock Snap Action Double Rifle.

  1. thank for sharing this gun with us,my dad had a snap action boxlock 600.
    but i have never heard of a sidelock snap action,this is unheard of
    in south africa my father was given a 600.snap action boxlock by his father
    in 1938,
    is this side lock snap action for sale?

  2. thank you westley richard for your fantastic blog
    do you make sidelock underlever snap action
    doublerifle in 577.or 600. nitro express for
    special commission ??
    in south africa we just love those lovely under lever
    express guns.is it possible for you to make some
    snap action underlever double rifles???

    • We don’t at present and have never made a rifle like this but I am sure we could, if our arm is twisted and there is the necessary patience for a project like this to be completed.

      Thank you

  3. mr.simon for gun like this i will even twist your neck,not to mention your arm
    this is true beauty,what will it cost to undertake a project like this???
    same as your sidelocks?
    i mean in white,whitout engraving??

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