W. W. Greener. A Recent 28g Sidelock.

W W Greener 28g Sidelock

W. W. Greener today comprises of gunmakers Richard Tandy and David Dryhurst who work from their respective workshops on the outskirts of Birmingham. Richard is a quiet, unpretentious and hugely knowledgeable gunmaker, in my opinion one of the very best in the country and a delight to know and work with, always offering sound advice when requested.

Unfortunately Greener do not make the classic Greener gun the ‘Facile Princeps’ ( which translates to ‘an obvious leader’ ) due to its complex nature and stick to the perhaps safer bet of the sidelock, not a gun the company was ever renowned for but one they now make with attention to every little detail, all in all and exceptional gun. In order to distinguish their gun from the many other offerings, the specialty of the current company is the fitting of damascus barrels, many of their guns come with both a pair of steel and a pair of damascus tubes. Their small production is all very beautifully executed.

This particular sidelock 28g was passing through the factory so I took the oppertunity to take a quick shot.

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  1. I love these old Greeners. It’s quite hard to find a nice one in excellent condition. Especially the small bores. Are you refinishing this example?

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