Westley Richards 12g Lightweight Game Gun.

Westley Richards, 12g, droplock, lightweight

I have always shot with a pair of 12g lightweight single trigger droplocks, I am not sure for how much longer, as the 6 lbs weight has started to be noticed more on big days! I imagine that these guns break every current rule on ‘how to shoot well’. They are light, short, side by side, 2.5″ chambers, all of which for me, makes the perfect game gun, they are fast and I am slow, we make a good combination!

Westley Richards lightweight 12g are very few and far between, I know of only 2 pairs, mine and another pair I sold to a collector in USA many years ago, following which I tried again, for many years, unsuccessfully, to buy back for my own use. People who have these guns rarely let them go!

For¬†anybody looking for a single lightweight gun I will be putting this one on our used gun site shortly once it has been through the factory. With 28 inch barrels, 14.25″ stock over the leather pad and weighing in at 5 lbs 14ozs I am sure it will make someone a very nice gun to walk around the woods with!

Westley Richards, 12g, droplock, lightweight


Update 24/10/14 This gun is now sold.

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