Westley Richards 20g Tallett Engraved Droplock

Just back from engraving is this very nice little 20g droplock shotgun which as you can see from the pictures is destined for the bird hunting fields of Texas. The engraving of the gun is a collaboration between David and Bradley Tallett who are a father and son engraving duo who have worked on various projects for Westley Richards over the years. Dave who is now semi retired has contributed significantly to the British gun trade having engraved for most of the fine gunmaking houses.

The gun features a fine scroll design executed by Dave, with small rose bouquets set within it. This slightly tighter layout of engraving works very well on the small gauge droplock shotguns that feature prominently in our order book. Bobwhite quail and dove were the choice of bird for the game scenes, which along with the carved fences were executed by Brad. All in all a very nice design for a great little gun.

Flushing Bobwhite quail.

Beautiful fine scroll with rose bouquets.

Flighting dove, a popular quarry in the southern states of the USA.

4 thoughts on “Westley Richards 20g Tallett Engraved Droplock

  1. Hi Trigger

    Superb gun love it, the Tallett engravers, father and son, so talented.
    I have noticed on this gun and others previously, (but forgot to ask) how long has Westley Richards been using the roll over edge on the trigger guard?
    Again the scroll action proving so popular, look forward so viewing the completed gun.

    Best regards. Peter.

    • Hi Peter

      Good spot! We have been doing the rolled edge trigger guard for a few years now. We can do with or without depending on the clients own preference.

      Best regards


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