Westley Richards .318 “Light Model” with Detachable Stock for Portability.

Lightweight Take Apart .318 Westley Richards


I seem to be losing out in purchasing these scarce Westley Richards rifles recently, the .425 in Las Vegas and now the only rifle of interest at the British Shooting Show, this .318 Light Model take down. This was acquired  by a member of my own internal team, namely Trigger ‘for myself, so I can hunt with a Westley Richards’! I will not be sending him on any buying trips for the company in future!

I have only come across a couple of these rifles whilst here at WR, whilst not as nice in my opinion as the true bayonet type take down, it is an interesting rifle and I think the forend catch shows clearly that it is a take apart rifle which the Holland system may not to the uninitiated. The rifle comes apart with the release of the catch and the unscrewing of the front mag box screw which can be done with a small coin. This particular rifle is fitted with an original set trigger, standing and 4 folding leaf sights and the Westley Richards patent front sight assembly.

Westley Richards Light Model .318

WR .318 Light Model-21931

6 thoughts on “Westley Richards .318 “Light Model” with Detachable Stock for Portability.

  1. Good Day Simon,

    A case of practicing what one preaches Sir?? Way to go Trigger, perhaps you would have purchased the .425 in vegas? This is the very first Take apart version of a Westley I have ever seen. Thanks for adding another peble of knowledge in my pouch.

    In Christ

  2. Lovely rifle, it is interesting that the gun should have double set triggers considering it is an English gun with an English cartridge. however it actually makes it easier to disassemble as the triggers stay with the stock.
    Does the front lever use a cam to draw the barrel down into the stock when rotated ?

    Regards, Matt.

    • If you look at the lug below the rear sight block you can see how when the lever is open the barrel can slide in and when rotated the round edge locks it down.
      We made quite a lot of rifles with set triggers so this is not uncommon. Certainly it keeps everything neat in this situation.

  3. Simon as Trigger is employed by WR surely anything he acquires during the course of his employment belongs to his employer! Same as a researcher in a laboratory.Do you want to tell him or should I?

  4. Well done Trigger, I like your style. Of course a few words in self-justification may be warranted to pacify your Guvnor.

    It looks like a nice piece and it is great that it will still see “action”.

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