Westley Richards .470 Double Rifle Engraved by Paul Lantuch.

Deluxe engraving, 470 Sidelock, double rifle , westley richards

A very nice bonus for me before departing to Africa, was the arrival back at the factory of the latest magnificent work for us from Paul Lantuch. This subject matter of lions was chosen to get Paul in the right frame of mind to start work on the “The Africa Rifle”!, another .600NE which will be the pair to last years “India Rifle”. I know Paul and I were both nervous about this concept at the start of this project but neither of us, nor anybody¬†here at the factory is now!


3 thoughts on “Westley Richards .470 Double Rifle Engraved by Paul Lantuch.

  1. the side double rifle you guys are making,are they back action sidelocks?
    or bar action sidelock? and thanks for sharing for knowledge With us,

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