Westley Richards .470 Hand Detachable Lock. Carved by Paul Lantuch.

Westley Richards 470 Relief Carved by Paul Lantuch

It was some months ago now that I posted the first photographs of this .470 rifle, just after it had been case colour hardened. I posed the question about leaving the colour on, or brushing the colour off, the post attracted numerous opinions. (Previous Article).

Here, at last, we see the finished rifle together with the final choice of the client, the case colour left on, the rifle ready for the bush and the natural wear that will occur over time.

In my opinion the correct choice, I always liked the big carved R.B.Rodda rifles with their case colours and I believe this rifle continues in that vein. In the opinion of Paul Lantuch the engraver, the incorrect choice as I know he wanted to see the rifle showing off the engraving at its best!

Either way this engraving work is spectacular and the rifle has, and I am sure will continue to receive many favourable comments from people who have seen it. Not a bad slab of timber also!

Westley Richards 470 Relief Carved by Paul Lantuch

Westley Richards 470 Relief Carved by Paul Lantuch

Westley Richards 470 Relief Carved by Paul Lantuch

Westley Richards 470 Relief Carved by Paul Lantuch

Westley Richards 470 Relief Carved by Paul Lantuch

Westley Richards 470 Relief Carved by Paul Lantuch

A Westley Richards .470 Hand Detachable Lock double rifle. Engraving by Paul Lantuch. Cased by Westley Richards leather shop in a traditional lightweight green canvas Safari style case.

9 thoughts on “Westley Richards .470 Hand Detachable Lock. Carved by Paul Lantuch.

  1. True one of the most beautiful WR i have seen…. the colour has come up great and the deep relief engraving is unsurpassed!!!

  2. Good Day Simon,

    I guess the best way to put how beautiful this gun is to me. The last time I saw something as beautiful as this gun I married her!!!!!! HAHA!!!!!
    In my humble opinion the Case Color makes the engraving come to life!!!!
    Job Well Done!!!!

    In Christ

  3. I had heard of of some critical opinions of this rifle, so I looked at it in that light to make an opinion. Whilst I am not a fan of the engraving style, I am not sure why but it makes a firearm look heavy to me. I honestly believe this rifle will mature with age and look all the better with wear. And yes, not a bad bit of timber either. Well done!

  4. Is this the “Zenith” of Paul’s work?
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the customer, who chose the finished masterpiece, great choice!

    For me it’s not just one aspect of the creation but the whole composition, when you view
    the completed “art work” in its cased glory that to me is when it truly shows its pedigree.

    Why do we choose the most beautiful timber, is it overshadow the master craftsmanship of the gunsmiths metalwork, or engraving, or to compliment them.

    Personally I love the whole finished package from gun to case, if I was the fortunate one to own such an outstanding piece of joint craftsmanship all I would want to do is have it placed in such a position that meant I would have to pass by, then I could flip the case lid and admire the whole canvas, I almost feel that you never even have to use it for the reason it was built “almost”!!

    • No, I don’t think so! I think Paul’s work will continue to surprise and delight us all. I do know that with each project Paul picks up he will always try to make improvements from the last work he did. With the variety of subjects we have so far tackled it for each person to say which piece they like the best personally, each will choose what they feel is the “Zenith”.

      We choose beautiful wood not to overshadow any individual aspect of the gun, we choose the wood to compliment the whole package, we want everything to be the very best. There are many craftsmen and skills involved getting the finished gun in the case and it is only fair that they are given the very best materials with which to work.

      You don’t, of course, ‘have to use it’ many customers don not, but it is also nice to know you always can if you need to, it is as accurate as it is good looking!

  5. The rifle has turned out beautifully, and the colours look even better on the engraving than I imagined that they would.

    It looks a little lonely in its case; time it had a twin? 😉

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