Westley Richards .577 ‘Elephant’ Rifle

WR .577 Rifle 4

We are lucky enough here at the factory to hold quite a diverse collection of guns and rifles both old and new.  Amongst these is this very nice .577 ‘Elephant’ rifle that we completed a few years ago.  The rifle had never in fact been photographed properly and so we have just taken the opportunity to take a few shots.

The rifle is built on our square back hand detachable lock action in the classic .577 3″ magnum load.  This round had a formidable reputation as a real ‘elephant’ calibre and so we decided to engrave the rifle with semi carved elephants entwined in an elaborate scroll design.

You would not know it, but the rifle has in fact been on safari which is always good to know as so many people assume that such rifles are only built for display.  We have always looked at the guns and rifles we build from the purist eye of the gunmaker, functionality and aesthetics first, embellishment second.  Ultimately, if you combine these elements well, then the final product can be an outstanding example of craftsmanship.

You will probably notice that the action is more square overall in the actual file up compared to the more recent roundedness that we have been doing.  We actually offer both options to clients as some do prefer the more classic ‘box’ shape of the pre-war rifles.  Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder!

WR .577 Rifle 2

WR .577 Rifle 3

WR .577 Rifle 1

WR .577 Rifle 5 WR .577 Rifle 6

3 thoughts on “Westley Richards .577 ‘Elephant’ Rifle

  1. Dear Trigger

    Breathtaking! The whole thing looks stunning and the engraving is obviously the main event; but even simple, functional details like the caliber and bullet weight marking on the barrel are pleasing to the eye. By ‘semi-carved’ do you refer to the depth of the relief? I particularly like the footprint on the pistol grip trap – what a imaginative touch! Thank you for yet another interesting post – as ever, having looked at your blog, I will now have to try very hard to get on with my work rather than daydreaming about rifles!

    All the best


    • Dear Ned

      Thank you for your kind words. Semi-carved does indeed refer to the depth of the relief. The elephant track is an imaginative touch, having followed a few myself it is one of the most exciting things you will ever see!

      Best regards


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