There are always a lot of requests for dating serial numbers for our guns. We have tried to put an easy search on our website to assist with this and will always try and answer any questions regarding the guns as time allows. For those who do not have a copy of the Westley Richards book ‘In Pursuit of the Best Gun’, here is the page which covers the quick reference to the serial numbers with dates for the best guns made here. This can be enlarged and taken off this site and printed.

For a more comprehensive search for your serial numbers including a certificate and copy from the ledgers please follow this link. Gun History.

I hope you find this useful.Serial Numbers1


  1. I would like to ask about the letters LT preceding the serial number on my 425 indicate. The serial number is 42752.

    I checked on your Gun History page by putting the number only and the rifle was made between 1950 -1954

    If I type in the letters + number in it comes up with no results.


    • The LT stands for Leslie Taylor who was responsible for many developments in the ammunition world including this round. He was also the Managing Director of our company. If you try putting in just the number it may work, if not send me the full number at the contact email and I will let you know when it was made, the office is closed now and I am afraid I will forget!

      Many Thanks for visiting.

  2. Hello i have a very old looking westley richards side by side, the only numbers on it are B4423 which is located on the rearward part of the trigger guard behind the loop and on the extractor between the barrels the other number is 1019 which can be found on the receiver underneath the barrels, there are symbols of crowns with swords crossed on either side of the number and the word patent, any idea which is the actual serial number of this shotgun and if it is of any value? Condition is good. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks Lliam

  3. Dear Sir.
    I have a cased pare of ” I think” horse percussion pistol, for they have a clip bracket on the side, They are In very good all round condition nicely engraved of estimate Cal 12bore, With the Serial no.585 on both pistols, can you please give me the date of manufacture and if you can an estimate value

  4. I have a WR riffle in my possession, that has the serial number 39771 and is marked 425. Problem is a 425 round does not bed in to a lock and load ready to fire position. I was told today that this is from a riffle that was produced with interchangeable barrels, please advise and the approximate value, as I would like to dispose of the weapon.

  5. Good day

    I have a Westley Richards .303 Falling Block action which I desperately want to obtain a date of manufacture on – looking at both your list of serial numbers above, as well as having visited the Westley Richards website itself, I have been unable to determine what the date of manufacture is on my rifle.

    The serial number is 35561

    Thanking you in advance for your assistance

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