Westley Richards Pair Of Deluxe 12g Sidelock Shotguns

WR 12g Round Action Sidelock Pair 1

Whilst we are best known for our hand detachable lock (droplock) shotguns which are the mainstay of our shotgun production, it is always nice to see our sidelock side by side shotgun pass through the factory. At present we have several pairs of 12g, a trio of 16g, several 20g and a 28g passing through the works.

Our sidelock shotgun is built on a round body action with assisted opening, Southgate ejector work and exhibition walnut as standard. We offer both pinned and pinless locks with the majority of exhibition grade guns now moving towards pinless so that the engraving is uninterrupted.

Here we have a lovely pair of 12g guns with elaborate relief scroll, carved fences and traditional game bird scenes. The rounded lines of the guns lend themselves to a wrap around format of engraving that is certainly very elegant and keeps everything flowing. The wood is once again outstanding, another signature feature of Westley Richards best guns and rifles.

WR 12g Round Action Sidelock Pair 2WR 12g Round Action Sidelock Pair 3WR 12g Round Action Sidelock Pair 4



4 thoughts on “Westley Richards Pair Of Deluxe 12g Sidelock Shotguns

  1. Good Day Trigger,

    Another superb pair of guns Sir, the wood is second to none, as all the Best guns you build. A nickel worth of opinion Trigger, I think there is not another gun builder out there that builds a sidelock with better Rose and Scroll engraving than Westley Richards!!! NO ONE!!! While these two guns are spectacular, give me a sidelock with Rose & Scroll. Thanks for the post and keep up the great work. Be well and God Speed,

    In Christ

  2. Dear Trigger

    Such elegant guns, beautiful timber, I particularly like that the central motif on the trigger guard has been reproduced on the diamond lozenge in the forend.
    The pair look so well balanced and with the single trigger I dare say they sit extremely well in the hand and point effortlessly.

    We don’t see too many ‘Westley’ sidelocks and I have to admit that I probably would go for the pinless locks but still this pair are superb!

    Kind Regards. Peter.

  3. Beautiful guns as always!

    Ever made any express rifles on the round action side lock pattern?

    I’d assume you’d just not had a customer request one yet…

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