Westley Richards ‘Roe Buck’ Hand Detachable Lock Double Rifle

WR 9.3 #20012 Rifle-1296-Edit-Edit

Here in the UK the season for hunting Roe Bucks opens tomorrow, April 1st.  This diminutive little deer is revered throughout Europe and the stalking and taking of a mature 6 point trophy is considered by many one of the finest hunts you can partake in.

As a tribute to the Roe deer we were commissioned a few years ago to build this beautifully scaled hand detachable lock double rifle in 9.3 x 62 calibre.  Weighing a mere 6lb 14ozs the rifle is fitted with Westley Richards patent single selective trigger, a slim semi beavertail forend and open sights regulated at 100 yards for relatively close range hunting.

In this calibre the rifle is primarily intended for the great Spanish ‘Monterias’ where you might also encounter big Red Stags, Fallow Bucks and huge Wild Boar.  Nevertheless, it makes a super compact and quick handling woodland rifle and would certainly be great fun to use during the Roe Buck rut in late July/early August when the deer can be called to within yards of the hunter!

WR 9.3 #20012 Rifle-1277-Edit-EditWR 9.3 #20012 Rifle-1375-Edit-Edit-Edit

7 thoughts on “Westley Richards ‘Roe Buck’ Hand Detachable Lock Double Rifle

  1. Fabulous! May I ask for what load it is regulated? I presume that it uses the same system of extraction as the .318 double rifles mentioned elsewhere in this blog – does this system only extract, or will it actually eject? Best wishes, Ned

    • Hi Ned

      The rifle is a proper ejector. The actual extractors have sprung loaded claws in them that the cartridges ride over when slipped in, but lift and eject once the gun is fired and opened. We regulated for RWS 285 grain soft point round nose.

      Best regards


  2. Really exquisite work, the Roe is one of the finest sporting quarries and this rifle is a very fitting tool to use in the pursuit. That said, I imagine a few raised eyebrows from the plastic fantastic brigade if you turned up with a double. If only i had the funds I’d have a go at raising those eyebrows!

  3. Beautiful rifle with superb engraving. The game scenes portrait a feeling of hunting early on a foggy morning and the floral scroll complements it nicely, like looking through an opening in the trees onto a clearing in the forest. Well done.


  4. Dear Trigger

    What a beautiful double rifle in a calibre that covers almost any game one would wish to use it for especially ‘Monterias’.
    Again the engraving is wonderful.
    Are the sights express type 50yd 100yd 150yd? Please correct me.
    Would be great to see the whole gun, Prince of Wales grip?

    Best regards. Pete.

    • Hi Peter

      The sights are indeed express regulated at 50/100 yards. If we get the chance we will take a full size shot but busy keeping up with everything else in the photo studio at the moment!

      All the best


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