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Westley Richards are pleased to announce the opening of our American Online Store, be sure to check out our Clothing, Handmade Leather Goods, Courteney Boots and Accessories.

Take advantage of free standard shipping on all orders for our introductory period.


Courtney BootsCourteney SelousThe Courteney Boot Range from $180






  1. The U.S. website is something of a disaster. I placed an order last week and immediately received confirmation of my order. However, I just now received a somewhat ambiguous email from Mr Kilday to the effect that some sale items advertised were actually not for sale at all as they were evidently never available. While it is common practice for websites to create traffic by such practices, it is certainly inconsistent with the values of service and integrity the Westley Richards firm has always displayed. I would never suggest that this incident was in any way intentional, but I do think that if a mistake was made it could be explained with a bit more clarity. The contrast with the service I received recently from a message to the manager of the UK shop could not be more dramatic, as that was outstanding in every way.

    • I sincerely apologise for this, the opening days were, as you say, something of a disaster. The website pulled items from our site without inventory quantities, so whilst we had the items in the sale in UK we probably only had 1 XXXL or something like that. This was corrected as soon as we could and I hope that the site will operate better in the future. Our aim is to give those in America a easier means of ordering our leather work, Courteney boots and an increasing offering of shooting clothing.


  2. Simon,

    I am grateful for your informative and prompt reply and now fully understand the situation. Please be assured of my unwavering enthusiasm of your firm and particularly my appreciation for Explora.



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