World English Sporting Championships at E.J. Churchill

Monday saw the exciting opening of the World English Sporting Championships once again hosted by E.J. Churchill at their incredible 5,000 acre shooting grounds, situated in beautiful West Wycombe. A mere 30 miles outside of London, which is great news for all international entrants that will be flying in throughout the week.

Churchill’s have promised this to be one of the most memorable events for shooters ever, thanks to the creation of very challenging targets some of which overseen by the 26-time world champion George Digweed.

The championships consist of CPSA World English Sporting, World Sporttrap, a Prelim English Sporting and FITASC Sporting. As well as the Blaser Intercontinental Trophy and various other exciting events for visitors from all over the world to enjoy.

However, it’s not just the shooters that get all the fun because those who join them in support can partake in the many stalls of the retail village, food venders and drinks venders, but most importantly soak up the rare British sunshine that the ‘festival of shooting’ has been blessed with in one of the many designated watching spots in the deckchairs and sun loungers.

Good luck to all those competing throughout the week!

Charlie Monaghan TEAGUE sponsored shooter.

Rob Fenwick managing director of E.J. Churchill briefing the shooters.

3 thoughts on “World English Sporting Championships at E.J. Churchill

  1. Hi Emma,
    Are these contestants all considered professional shooters in England? Are any from different countries?

    • Dear David,

      The competition welcomes shooters from around the world, both professional and amateur.

      Kind regards,


  2. Hi Emma

    Anyone who has gone to this much trouble publicising this fabulous event certainly needs to be recognised by the “Explora” Blog followers, may I congratulate you on your sterling efforts, your photographic skills are miles ahead of my pathetic attempts, (my Box Brownie
    just doesn’t cut it anymore), love the addition of the ‘black and white’ shots, well done you!

    It certainly looks an absolute clay shooters “Paradise”just wish I was that competitive to enter events such as this.

    Your most commanding photo is the shot of those ‘ice cream cones’ two whole, one partially eaten!

    Best regards

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